I.T. Problems Taking Up Your Time?

We can help with that.


We know that properly managing your network and IT infrastructure can be time consuming and difficult, but it doesn't have to be. By partnering with Southern Technology Partners you can take that burden off of you and put it on us. 

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How I.T. Works

We become your IT department. Instead of you having to spend your valuable time troubleshooting technical issues for your staff or researching new technologies to save time and money, we do it for you. We become your vCIO, or virtual chief information officer, providing you with insight into your network and researching ways your business could better utilize technology, while also providing technical support to your users when they need it. 

Pricing (The Important Part)

If you have been looking for a managed IT provider for any amount of time then you know that getting clear, concise pricing is almost impossible. Well, we made it simple, and without the need for having a sales person contact you (We all hate that part). Check out the info below that outlines our pricing and services.

We also offer a fully managed IT plan in which all of your IT equipment is upgraded on a regular basis at no additional cost. The cost of this plan is dependent on what IT equipment is in your environment. Our fully managed plan includes all the features of the premium plan as well.

*Additional services available upon request*

The Basic Plan
  • Provides unlimited remote technical support Monday - Friday 8AM-5PM.

  • Antivirus / content filter

  • Managed updates (Windows, firmware, Mac)

  • Unlimited phone consultations relating to technical related business challenges.

$15 per PC per Month!

The Advanced Plan
  • Includes all services in The Basic Plan.

  • vCIO network reports (If using our network hardware)

  • 5% discount on any hardware purchased from us.

  • Quarterly after-hours maintenance on PCs and Servers

$25 per PC per Month!

The Premium Plan
  • Includes all services in The Advanced Plan.

  • 10% discount on any hardware purchased from us.

  • Reduced on-site labor rates. (Reduced rate = $50 per hour)

  • PC Data Backup

$35 per PC per Month!

Hourly Support and Antivirus Only Plans

If you are not interested in a managed IT service agreement we also offer by the hour services or antivirus only plans. Our antivirus only plan costs $5 per month, per PC and also includes content filtering. Please note that customers utilizing hourly support do not have a guaranteed response time. We will do our best to respond to any requests for service within a 4 hour window, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Remote Support = $50 per Hour

Onsite Support = $100 per Hour

Interested in our services? 
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