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Dive Into the New Age of Cyber-Security and IT Support

What We Do

Fully Managed IT Services

Do you find yourself needing tech support for your business' software and tools, but you're not quite sure where to turn? Southern Technology Partners LLC offers fully managed IT services. Gain access to a team of knowledgeable IT technicians that are always ready and willing to help. We can put together comprehensive IT plans for your business to make sure you are safe, secure, and most of all as efficient as possible.

Network Infrastructure, Security Cameras, and Alarm Systems

We are a licensed and insured low-voltage contractor in the state of Georgia. We are fully capable of meeting all your network infrastructure (Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a), security camera, and alarm system needs. With security systems becoming more integrated with other technology solutions it is important to use a vendor that understands these integrations, as well as the core security products themselves.

Telecommunications and Voice Solutions

We specialize in providing reliable and affordable telecommunications and VOIP solutions. We work hard to get you the best pricing when it comes to your internet connection and phone service. We also specialize in putting together customer VOIP systems in complex business enviroments.

Hardware Solutions

We offer all types of technology hardware through our national distribution network. Computers, servers, desk phones, TVs, security cameras, copiers, and more are all examples of the type of hardware that sell and also provide after-sales support on.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We try to be as flexible as possible to suit your needs. All businesses are different, so not every business will need the same solution. Our goal is to develop custom technology solutions to fit your business' specific needs.

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